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If you were notified that your personal information could have been accessed in a cyberattack perpetrated on SARC on or about July 5, 2021, in which third-party criminals gained unauthorized access to SARC’s network, encrypted some of SARC’s systems, and gained unauthorized access to the personal information of Plaintiffs and other consumers, you are a “Class Member.”

As a Class Member, you may be eligible to receive up to $500 total for ordinary unreimbursed losses, including up to $60 in compensation for lost time incurred as a result of the Data Incident (“Ordinary Losses”), and up to $2,500 cash payment for reimbursement of extraordinary, proven monetary losses that are reasonably and fairly traceable to the Data Incident (“Extraordinary Losses”). In addition, Class Members who reside in California and who submit a Valid Claim for ordinary or extraordinary losses are also eligible to receive a separate, California statutory damages award in the amount of $100, subject to the capped amounts for ordinary and extraordinary losses.

If you intend to make a claim for Ordinary Losses or Extraordinary Losses, you will need to submit supporting documentation.

You can also request two (2) years of free single bureau credit monitoring and identity theft protection services by completing and submitting this Claim Form. You do not need to make a claim for Ordinary Losses or Extraordinary Losses to request the identity theft protection services.

Please read the claim form carefully and answer all questions. Failure to provide required information could result in a denial of your claim.

Cash payments amounts may be reduced pro rata (proportionately) depending on how many people submit such claims. Complete information about the Settlement and its benefits are available at www.SARCDataSettlement.com.

This Claim Form may be submitted electronically via the Settlement Website at www.SARCDataSettlement.com or completed and mailed to the address below. Please type or legibly print all requested information, in blue or black ink. Mail your completed Claim Form, including any supporting documentation, by U.S. mail to:

SARC Settlement Administrator
1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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All members of the Settlement Class who submit a Valid Claim using this Claim Form are eligible for the following documented out-of-pocket expenses, not to exceed $500 per member of the Settlement Class, that were incurred as a result of the Data Incident:

Cost Type
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Approximate Date of Loss Amount of Loss
Out of Pocket Expenses

Description of Supporting Documentation (Identify what you are attaching and why):

Example: Phone bills, gas receipts, postage receipts; detailed list of locations to which you traveled (i.e. police station, IRS office), indication of why you traveled there (i.e. police report or letter from IRS re: falsified tax return) and number of miles you traveled

Fees for credit reports, credit monitoring, or other identity theft insurance product

Description of Supporting Documentation (Identify what you are attaching and why):

Example: Receipts or account statements reflecting purchases made for Credit Monitoring & Insurance Services

Time Expenditures

Time Expenditures: Hours for time spent dealing with the Data Incident


All members of the Settlement Class who have suffered a proven monetary loss and who submit a Valid Claim using this Claim Form are eligible for up to $2,500 if: (i) the loss is an actual, documented and unreimbursed monetary loss; (ii) the loss was more likely than not caused by the Data Incident, and an attestation by Claimant that they have not received any notice that their information was exposed in a prior unrelated data breach; (iii) the loss occurred between July 5, 2021 and the Claims Deadline; (iv) the loss is not already covered by one or more of the normal reimbursement categories; and the settlement class member made reasonable efforts to avoid, or seek reimbursement for, the loss, including but not limited to exhaustion of all available credit monitoring insurance and identity theft insurance; and (v) confirmation that claimant enrolled in the complementary credit monitoring and identity theft services that SARC offered. Please provide an itemized list of any Extraordinary Losses below, if you need additional lines, you may submit additional pages containing this information with your claim:

Cost Type Approximate Date of Loss Amount of Loss

Description of Supporting Documentation (Identify what you are attaching and why):


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